I feel so honored to give this testimonial. I was first introduced to Karen's healing work thru a co worker of mine. I was always curious about this Body Code healing work she was doing with her. I finally jumped into the unknown and now I can't stop sharing about it with my loved ones!
This is a very unique, powerful, and spiritual work that Karen has been doing with me. Each session, I discover something new about myself.
I know I have a ways to go, but feel confident with Karen by my side. I walk out of our sessions with her always uplifting and blessing me with her positive energy.
In the past, I was doing talk therapy and life coaching, but this has undone physical pain, and in my soul, on a deeper level that would probably take many years to do with psychology. I am so grateful for Karen and feel so lucky to have found her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!💓
Eugenia, Jackson Heights, NY

As a yoga practitioner I have delved into deep spiritual and physical exploration through breathwork, vinyasa, Reiki, and bodywork in an attempt to align my body, mind, and soul.  Not until I began working with Karen did this alignment take place. Using the Emotion Code, Karen has been able to identify unresolved emotions or blocakages.  Releasing these pent up blockages has had a profound effect on my physical body. With Karen's guidance I have been able to release not only my negative emotions rooted in my body but those of relatives which have imprinted upon me.  I have experienced a profound shift in my physical body as well as my mindset.  I feel free!  I no longer carry around the weight of a negative loop of emotions.  By breaking down my heart wall those around me are benefitting immensely. I have witnessed how self-care at this level can exponentially effect those in my inner circle. Karen's expertise and genuine concern for my well-being came at critical time in my life.  This is the emotional cleanse your body has always craved. Much gratitude to Karen for transforming my body, mind, and soul.


Diane Ciucevich Parker- Savannah, GA

I have worked with Karen for a few weeks now on a pretty regular basis. I have to say that from the first session I have noticed positive changes in my life that were unexpected. I've continued to work with her because I really appreciate her style. You can tell she really cares about her clients and is willing to go the extra mile. This modality seems to work on very deep levels and I feel it's so important for people to explore the inner depths and more importantly,  to be able to release things in places that you didn't even know existed. For me, working with Karen has been a total pleasure and I'm loving the results. I highly recommend trying a session.

Colleen C., California

I have been working with Karen for over a year now after a car accident last October, 2018.  I had a lot of back pain and shoulder pain.  I went for Physical Therapy, which helped, but I had Karen use the Emotion Code as a complimentary modality.

I then re-injured my shoulder doing housework about 6 months later and I only had Karen help me.  I now have full range of motion and NO pain!!!  It took about a month or so to be completely pain free. 

I am also going through a divorce and I have been the calmest I have ever been in my life!!  That us a feat in and of itself, let alone while going through a divorce. 

I can't thank Karen enough for all her help. 

Terri M., Otisville, NY

After years of trying different therapies without experiencing any significant effects for my health problems, I finally found the Emotion Code/Body Code which so far has given me some relief and hope for the future. I would highly recommend working with Karen to anyone who wants to try the Emotion Code/Body code. Karen is very professional and shows a genuine interest for her clients which I appreciate. I’m so thankful for all the help and support so far.

Cathrine E., Norway

Emotion code  was certainly a new territory for me. Coming from a religious background and having studied Science and western medicine, I was not sure what to expect.  Having said that, with Karen I was open and willing to dive in. I have also introduced the work Karen does to my close family and other relatives. They all had very positive experiences which speaks volumes on the type of work and its effectiveness. What has Karen done for us? My Dad was struggling with severe physical pain which he could barely walk; He no longer has any of it. As for myself, I had a shoulder injury which was preventing me from exercising and that no longer is an issue. Apart from my physical state having improved, emotionally and spiritually I vibrate at a different level and that means the world to me.

Veshtrim O., New Paltz, NY

My experience with Karen has been wonderful. I feel lighter and more at ease after each session. She is kind and compassionate which is incredibly comforting when going through transformation work.  I have dealt with anxiety for a long time and have noticed amazing shifts in this! I have a new perspective in different areas of my life and am shedding the layers that no longer serve me. I always look forward to each session. It is obvious that Karen is very passionate about her work and helping others. 

Samantha S., Wisconsin

I visited my [88 year old] mom yesterday. She is doing great!  She was happy and showed no signs of anger. She also was praying for her sister who had a cold and who she was always very angry at.  It was great!  Her skin looks great. Her right hand that is always in pain she didn’t complain about. Thank you!! The family is slowly transforming to a happy family.

Rita B., Mahopac, NY

Before I met Karen, I had been constantly overwhelmed, thinking that it was a part of life.  Pain and anxiety were normal. I did not realize that there were trapped emotions that may be the underlying cause of these feelings. Since working with Karen, my anxiety, anger, and feelings of being overwhelmed have been drastically reduced. It’s been wonderful!  I feel calmer, more peaceful, and healthier. The results of this work also show in my relationships.  In dealing with friends and family and stressful situations, I feel like I no longer absorb negativity; anger is easily let go.  I now see interactions with others as a conversation and don’t hold on to any stress as a result.  Karen is highly intuitive and she uses it in her sessions which is a great benefit to her clients' healing.

Rita B., Mahopac, NY

“It’s simply amazing. Though skeptical at first, I began working with Karen in hopes to remove subconscious obstacles that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. The Emotion Code has done so much more for me.  I have been anxiety free for a while now. In the past, anxiety was a paralyzing daily reality to me.  When I wasn’t feeling anxious I was feeling shame or regret about my anxiety driven behaviors. Now, I’m so grateful for the new found emotional freedom that I am going to begin the certification program soon so I can bring strength and healing to others the way Karen and The Emotion Code have helped me.”

Caroline H., Cold Spring, NY

Working with Karen has been an absolute joy. Prior to my sessions with her, I had never heard of The Emotion Code. I am so glad that I gave it a chance and, more importantly, that I found Karen. She is kind, wise, caring, compassionate, a great listener and a true gem. Deep-seated/Long standing issues that I had lost hope about - thought that I could never make peace with or release - have begun to dissolve. If you are skeptical, on the fence, serious about your recovery, or even just curious, I urge you to take a chance and work with Karen. I know that you will not be disappointed!!!

Tanya W., NJ

Working with Karen literally took a weight off my shoulders. Releasing trapped emotions helped me make decisions much easier and I was able to move through life more freely. Before the Emotion Code I took things very personally and too seriously . Working with the Emotion Code has made me feel so much better physically and emotionally.

Teresa P. Highland, NY

I was referred to Karen for removal of blocked emotions. I didn't know much about the process and was just looking for help to remove blocks I felt in my life. When I spoke to Karen she explained everything about the process of removal, what the blockers emotions do, and why they get blocked. She walked me step by step. She is such a wonderful warm spirit. I was so amazed at how much my life and body began to change. I can honestly say I feel she truly does care. After every session she contacts me and makes sure I'm ok. I have already told as many people as will listen about her and her gifts that she shares with us. I am so grateful for her love, joy, gifts, knowledge, her willingness to share all of these with the rest of us so we can be on our right paths to pure love and freedom!
Jennifer C., Rochester, NY

Wow Karen,  I’m having realizations as I work with you and the Emotion Code that as I become more emotionally clear my perception of myself, of others and the outside world is changing.  I’m seeing myself, other individuals and situations with more clarity, therefore I can make better decisions and monitor my personal behavior for myself without the previous distortions.  I am seeing the changes with my eyes and feeling the changes of clarity. For the first time I’m looking forward to the future with excitement. Thank you for your time, your insights and all the energy you put into what you do!

Joan P.

... I had a few family encounters that I was able to view as a spectator, not feel with my feelings. I was even able to help my younger sister understand my older sister (over the phone) without my own spirit of offense in the way! I understand my mother better, kind of like I’m watching a movie, the emotions are not there to disrupt. Your gift is amazing. 

Lisa D., Marlboro, NY

     Karen and I have worked together in the healing arts for many years, and I know her as a powerful healer. When she began working with the Emotion Code, first on herself and family, I noticed a significant shift in her. As she began removing emotions from me, I experienced a smoothing out of my energies and a new ease in my life.

     One interesting and unexpected release was around my fear of clipping my cats nails. One day, I woke up and felt like I wanted to face this fear with a new bravery. I ordered the clippers and in two days my cats very long, sharp nails were perfectly manicured with no incident of trauma what so ever! It’s so interesting how being freed of a deep seeded fear can set you free....even one so seemingly small. We are all living a happier life as a result. The amazing thing is we never addressed this fear directly at all.

     Thank you, Karen, for your deep and unending dedication to sharing your gift of healing.

Namaste, Janet Gardner, Marlboro, NY

Karen is a kind, compassionate, loving, generous person who is very spiritual and wants to make the world a better place by helping as many people as she can. Through her use of the Emotion Code, she has found a powerful and efficient way to allow people to clear old hurts and past karma (some of it not even yours!:)) to free themselves to live their life to the fullest in this present moment! I am continually astonished at how quickly Karen can “tune-in” with the Code to find the blocks and remove and resolve them forever right now!:) Don’t suffer and struggle with problems and issues you can’t seem to resolve- contact Karen to experience how simple, powerful, and profound the Emotion Code is!:))

David C., Cincinnati, OH

I have been on the “self help” track for many years now, but some of the same relationship patterns just kept repeating. A lot had greatly changed in my life, but it was so frustrating to be constantly “working” on myself just to have the same stuff keep showing up. After just one session with Karen and the Emotion Code I could feel a physical change in me and after a few more sessions there was a real noticeable improvement in my relationships and my attitude. What a relief to finally have tangible improvements and more ease in my daily life! Thank you Karen!

Jovanna, Palm Beach Shores, FL

“I have worked on many areas of my life with Karen.  Physical pain, emotional blockages, relationships, heart walls, beliefs, finances, the applications of Emotion Code and what it can do is amazing! If you are are feeling stuck in any way or if you are curious to see how much better your life can be...  book your free consultation.  A life of abundance, joy, and health are awaiting you and Karen has the wisdom and experience to guide you to arrive there as quickly and as easily as possible.”

Shannon Keyes Ciucevich, Killington, VT 

     My yoga classes are flowing with a more natural ease because I am more comfortable with myself.  The focus is off me, resulting in more connection with my students.  This is an amazing gift.  Feeling worthless was one of the emotions that was released. Releasing this trapped emotion has been a blessing.  I am very thankful to you, Karen.

Kathleen B., Ballston Lake, NY

Incredible is what my experience with Karen has been so far!  Emotion Code is not a psychic episode - It's about basic physics and energy.  Our bodies carry energy and it only makes sense there is positive and negative energy.  I have had two session so far and Karen truly is the real deal.  Issues I tried to work through in therapy were eased in these sessions.  I still have a way to go, but this journey is worth it.  Very grateful to Karen and the healing she's provided to me.

Gina C., Brooklyn, NY

      Karen shared her knowledge of  The Emotion Code with our family and we saw some amazing results.  She first did her muscle testing on my husband, Mike, for his arthritis.  He was experiencing elbow, joint and hand/finger pain.  The next day the pain in his elbow was gone and the soreness in his finger joints was lessened.  

     Also, we have a dog who was rescued when he was a puppy and he demonstrates food aggression when another animal comes near his bowl or even if he has a bone nearby.  Karen did remote muscle testing and we had a fantastic result.  The next morning our dog was very calm and when our cat walked by his bowl he did not growl or pay attention.  

     Karen also worked on my mother who is experiencing a lot of stomach pain.  Mom has noticed that the pain and cramping have lessened and she would like to continue working with Karen to hopefully release all trapped emotions to become pain free.

     This is a valuable, non-invasive healing modality that has unlimited potential in helping people get healthy and move forward in a positive way. We are very grateful to Karen for introducing us to The Emotion Code and look forward to referring her to help others.


My Emotion Code sessions with Karen have been a profound healing experience for me. I am committed to celebrating my life in true spiritual freedom and healing or releasing emotions is key to accomplishing this in my opinion. Karen has a discerning approach, she is direct and confident as well as compassionate and clearly heart centered. No matter what area of interest or concern I brought to her, she embraced it fully with me and without a hint or whisper of judgement. Her care and attention to my vulnerability created an environment of trust that has allowed an ongoing healing process to unfold for me. I will return to her time and again to address my emotions as I peel off the layers on my journey. 

Meredith A., Pembroke, NH

The Emotion Code was new territory for me. And I was not sure about venturing there.  But a family member was in need and I was willing to try anything.  To my surprise, I personally experienced a feeling of calmness that I hadn't felt in years  I feel more energized and hopeful for the future.  I am anxious to continue. 

Sue T., Milton, NY

My work with Karen using the Emotion Code has been an eye-opening experience. As an Intuitive Healer myself I have worked with many on discovering and releasing energetic blocks. The Emotion Code modality, and the way that Karen facilitates it, is a direct and instant release. Each symptom, whether physical or emotional, has been identified, connected and released within just a few minutes. I highly recommend this process, and Karen’s caring delivery, as one that can direct you to the foundation of your symptoms and a way to fully remove their consequences.

Shari L. Riley, Intuitive Healer, Highland, NY

Karen has helped me so much. I have both fibromyalgia and ulcerative colitis and after working with her for two sessions my symptoms decreased significantly. I am no longer taking herbal meds for my colitis and I am able to eat a variety of foods without fear of symptoms. I have also seen a decrease in my daughter's depression. She seems happier and has started to smile and interact more in the weeks since I started working with Karen. Karen has a caring and gentle spirit and has helped me to process some inner turmoil. I am very grateful for the work she has done with me.

Kim D., Kingston, NY

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Holistic Practitioner

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