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Meet Karen


I have always had a passion for well being and helping others. When I found The Emotion Code it felt like an immediate 'fit' to who I am. I am humbled and inspired by the people I work with.

Releasing "trapped" emotions, or imbalances, from the body is what The Emotion Code is all about.  It is our belief that these imbalances may cause physical or emotional discomfort  and removing them may help you to feel better.

Intuitive Life Coach

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Holistic Practitioner

Tel: 845-926-8453

Disclaimer: The healing sessions I provide are in no way a substitute for appropriate medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. I also make no claims as to healing or recovery from any illness you may currently have nor do I make claims of providing prevention of any future illnesses. If you have health or emotional concerns that are not currently being addressed by medical practitioner or psychologist, it is recommended that you visit one as soon as possible. It as also recommenced that you stay on any prescribed medications or other treatments as given by a medial practitioner or psychologists, and the services I provide are in no way a substitute for those medications and treatments. My sessions are not intended to be medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.