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Karen Corrado

Intuitive Life Coach - Certified Emotion Code Practitioner - Holistic Practitioner

Are you ready to break free from the emotional and physical burdens that have been holding you back? Discover how Karen Corrado can help you achieve lasting relief and transformation.

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About Karen

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Karen Corrado is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner dedicated to helping people clear their emotional baggage, paving the way for personal empowerment and a more fulfilling life. Her journey began when her mother fell terminally ill, sparking a lifelong quest to understand and ease emotional suffering.


With years of experience in personal development, consciousness studies, and healing techniques like Reiki and Quantum Touch, Karen discovered her passion for the Emotion Code and Body Code systems. She uses these techniques to release repressed, suppressed, or inherited emotions that block her clients from achieving their full potential.


Karen's empathetic approach empowers her clients to overcome emotional hurdles and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. Her mission is to support others in realizing their true potential and living the life they were meant to live. If you're seeking transformation, Karen is ready to guide you on your journey.


I was referred to Karen by a very close friend of mine who has struggled with many different unfortunate illnesses. I have been working with Karen for a few months now and I see so many amazing changes to my anxiety and depression. I look forward to my sessions as they provide me with a lot of relief. I enjoy this work so much and couldn't be more grateful for the amazing experience. Thank you so much Karen for all the amazing work you constantly do!

Alexis R., Boston, MA



REmoving your heart-wall may restore a sense of well being and help you feel better.

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