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A collaborative,
3-month program of transformation
 and personal growth!


     Intuitive Healer Shari L. Riley and Emotion Code Practitioner Karen Corrado are committed to guiding and supporting you toward personal growth and assisting you in achieving your goals and desires. During this ongoing, 3 month intensive healing journey, you will work with both Shari and Karen to prioritize what is working in your life and overcome what is not. You will begin moving forward by not only taking Divine Action Steps in your life, but by marrying the physical action steps with deep inner work. 

     This is an intense, yet fulfilling, journey to wholeness. You can expect deep transformation on a soul level that will continue to unfold long after the program is completed. With the support of two experienced practitioners, you will come away with a sense of well-being and personal power, and feel confident in moving forward. 


  • Are you ready to make grand changes in your life?  

  • Are you ready to dig deep?

  • Are you ready for fresh motivation and self exploration?

  • Are you ready to prioritize personal growth and movement forward? 

Program Details

Discovery Meeting: The initial Release and Renew virtual meeting will set the tone for the entire three month program. During this important meeting, you, Shari and Karen, will learn about your personal challenges and aspirations. Identifying and clarifying what you want to accomplish is the main focus. By honing in and exploring your goals and desires, you will come away with a sense of well-being as you envision your path forward. Knowing that you have the love and support to help you grow and expand over the next twelve weeks will leave you feeling light, energized, and ready to begin!

Bi-Weekly Sessions With Shari: 

During this 12 week program, you will have bi-weekly 60-minute phone sessions with Shari, who will help you connect to your inner wisdom and create Divine Action Steps. In these powerful sessions, Shari will receive messages from your guides as she supports you to meet your Authentic Self. She will help you remove any resistance to moving forward while clearing mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations. Shari will be your navigational and co-creative partner as you envision and manifest your evolving goals.


Weekly Sessions With Karen: 

In addition to the bi-weekly sessions with Shari, on opposite weeks you will have a one on one, 50-minute phone session with Karen. She will help you identify the energies, emotions, and patterns which are in the way of you moving toward your end result. These 'blocks' will be gently, but powerfully, released, enabling you to move forward to actualize and fulfill your life's desires. Karen will help to encourage and support you as you face and overcome your limitations.


Re-Centering Meeting: 

About mid-way though your Release and Renew program, you, Shari, and Karen will meet again virtually to evaluate your successes and any concerns that might be throwing you off your desired path. At this point in the program, you have done deep personal and transformational work, and questions and challenges may be presenting themselves. During this time it may be appropriate to adjust or refine your goal or desired end result. With Karen and Shari's support, you will navigate and progress through any obstacles that are showing up, re-centering you on your path. Changes will be explored and suggested to gently guide you toward your vision.  


Integration Meeting: 

In this virtual meeting at the completion of your Release and Renew program, you, Shari, and Karen will look back on your journey, recognize your breakthroughs, and reflect on your accomplishments.  Together you will consider ways for your continued momentum and personal growth. Karen and Shari will give encouragement, support, and offer ideas and insights as to how to bring the expansion and progress you have made to all parts of your life.  This is the time to honor yourself and celebrate!

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

12 Week Program

Payment options available
Please contact Shari or Karen for more information
or to book:

                    Shari L. Riley                                                                     Karen Corrado
                  914-474-3655                                                                      845-926-8453

"Karen and Shari are heart-based healers who have helped me through countless periods of mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulty. I recommend these intuitive women to help you through any of life's ups and downs and to guide you towards finding your truth and purpose." -Terri M.


Meet Karen Corrado

"My greatest joy is loving and supporting individuals in their journey to wholeness by clearing what is preventing them from achieving their goals."

Karen's Full Bio

Meet Shari L. Riley

"I help people understand that they have their own individual paths to healing. I am here to be their guide.”

Shari's Full Bio

What has been preventing you from living

the life you have always wanted to live?

Karen and Shari will support you as you overcome
your challenges and fears, so you can
land softly-- yet powerfully-- on the other side.


"Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, - the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies.  This alone is healing."
Edgar Cayce reading 1967-1

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*All sessions and programs are informational only.  The client takes 100% responsibility for any of their actions prior, during, and after each session or program.*

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