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I'm Karen

Digital Media Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

My greatest joy is to help people become the best possible version of themselves.  By using the many tools and skills I have learned over the past two decades, I am able to assist individuals release the physical, emotional and spiritual burdens that they have carried through their lives and their lineage.  This opens up endless possibilities of healing on many levels.  

What People Say

Thanks again! Not sure what happened in the last day or so, but suddenly, I've come out the other side of something.  My energy is back.  Every area of my life has transformed.  It's like, or is, a miracle!  There are not enough thanks in the world for facilitating the lifting of the lifelong burden that I could not lift for myself. 

J. E., CA

Check out my website to find out more about me and to book a one on one appointment.

845-926-8453  |

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